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Who We Are

Futurern (Future Right Now) is a company with a neoteric approach that works towards developing mobile phone apps and features using Augmented Reality technology. This revolutionary technology is a blend of the real world viewed by the user and the virtual image generated by the software. Futurern believes in staying up-to-date with changing times and is prepared to revolutionize a shift from old modes of communication to a futuristic model for creating technology and marketing tools and content that will appeal to our clients target audience. Having understood the switch in consumer involvement from traditional to social media, Futurern works on the principle of providing innovative technology-based solutions to facilitate social media high influence marketing via filters that act as a useful tool in marketing and expressing emotions on the users’ story feeds or posts. Futurern interacts with the end-users by showcasing rendered 3D models and provides solutions as per the requisites of the businesses. This futuristic and innovative approach gives businesses an extra edge to achieve their full potential through Augmented Reality. The real-to-life experiences of virtual products and images or videos of two-dimensional aspects increase user experience and make it more engaging and immersive. The marketing campaign with the AR feature puts your company in the spotlight and sets it apart from its competitors.

Futurern is defined by its will to strive for perfection and stands strong with businesses that desire to explore digital space with the intention of forging better connections with their customers.


To accelerate enhancement and engagement of brands/marketers campaigns via innovative AR experiences.


To create the most compelling digital platform for E-commerce and information sharing.

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