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Get transported into the captivating world of AR & VR Portal

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Portal uses 3D modelling enabled infrastructure to create an interactive experience of a life-like environment built virtually. An important application of AR & VR Portal is that it provides a mixed reality experience to the users by transporting them into a virtual world through digital devices using their smartphone or VR Headsets. It works like a doorway or a window which on entering allows the users to get virtually transported to a different world or dimension that can either be made of live images and videos or 360 degrees CGI. The main reason behind the AR & VR Portal gathering momentum so fast is owing to its expanding boundaries of user immersion, the lockdown limitations of shopping and life-like experiences of being at stores or places.

The use of the AR & VR Portal is already being adopted by several industries to engage users, such as gaming, shopping, travel, adventure, advertising, and entertainment. The gaming industry uses these portals to allow the users to enter into new realms and universes, and enjoy highly immersive experiences by becoming a part of the game itself. The travel industry is using these portals to boost tourism by opening virtual doors of places to people giving them an experience of a new location or a country from their familiar environment. An amazing utilization of this portal is made by the entertainment industry that allows the users to become a part of series or movies by entering a virtually built AR & VR portal, enabling the user to be a part of the cinematic scene to experience movements and action of the movie.

Futurern has used the medium of AR & VR Portal services to create a Virtual Galleria wherein artists and painters can register themselves to display and promote their work. The users visiting the Virtual Galleria can see the details of the artwork and get in touch with the artist to make an inquiry for the purchase of the canvas. Experience the Virtual Galleria at your convenience and be safe from the spread of the Coronavirus.

Disclaimer: The virtual portal can be very engaging through phone or VR Headset use, do not get injured from the real materials (furniture or walls) around you.

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