Augmented Reality Marketplace for Information & Advertising (B2C)

FYIAR is an AR based marketplace that provides brands a platform to generate B2C leads via Augmented Reality. FYIAR provides effective advertising platforms and offers a range of features and solutions for the optimum satisfaction of end-users; it serves as an efficient platform for lead generation that benefits brands, freelancers, marketers, influencers, and artists. FYIAR also serves as a B2C Marketplace which enables the brands to connect with its consumers in the most effective way.

By subscribing to FYIAR, businesses get exclusive rights to our online dashboard for uploading content, wherein businesses can update and change their content as per their convenience. It creates a splendid mix of virtual products & media for a real-to-life experience, which benefits both the brands and customers in building a stronger communication bond. FYIAR aids the brands in innovatively showcasing their products through AR based technology with a wide reach and at a comparatively lower cost. The app proves as a credible platform for supplying information, advertising products & services, cross-sales, and even for providing analytics of brand campaigns.

FYIAR is not limited to the marketing sector but also has an extensive utility in various sectors like food, fashion, education, real estate, and many more. Incorporating AR in marketing, services, education, and real estate encourages its subscribers to look beyond traditional modes of communication and connect better with their users/customers by providing highly engaging concepts and features as real-to-life experience.

Brands should associate their businesses with FYIAR to explore digital space in an optimum manner and get the extra edge that they desire for better reach, diverse marketing and higher recall value to make customers more loyal.

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