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About Us

Futurern (Future Right Now) is a company with a neoteric approach that works towards developing mobile phone apps and features using Augmented Reality technology. This revolutionary technology is a blend of the real world viewed by the user and the virtual image generated by the software. Futurern believes in staying up-to-date with changing times and is prepared to revolutionize a shift from old modes of communication to a futuristic model for creating technology and marketing tools and content that will appeal to our clients target audience.

What We Do

Need of the Hour

To stay relevant in today’s competitive scenario, it has become imperative for a brand to always be visible to its potential and existing customers. Besides ensuring fine products and services, an effective way to make your presence felt as a successful brand is to walk hand in hand with the changing technologies dominating the market. This fact becomes all the more relevant as customers’ attention is often distracted with loads of content coming across their way on a daily basis. Under these circumstances, staying updated with the latest technology has become the need of the hour.

Revolution and Revelation

To stand out in the present times, it’s a must for a brand to stay connected with its customers through maximum interaction and engagement, possible through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) now. The latest technology that helps brands to not only generate new leads by engaging the customers but also enables them to retain their current customers. AR & VR helps brands to ensure unique experiences to their customers through Mobile Apps, Features and VR Headsets by allowing users to try products before purchasing, interact through a virtual world and at best of their convenience without physically being at a location of sale.

A Complete Solution

Futurern is revolutionising the old and traditional marketing tools by utilising the extraordinary technology of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to create Immersive 3D Models, Web AR, FYIAR App, Virtual Experiences, Training Simulations, Brands Mobile Apps, Social Media Filters, Mobile Games, and Marketing Campaigns. Build for next 7-10 years and not just for a single marketing campaign, drive high ROI and increase products life cycle with consistently interactive and engaging communication strategies possible through AR and VR. Substantially increase sales value, marketing returns and efficiently outlay training manuals for employees.

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