We are building an experience economy

3D Modelling

Create realistic 3D life-like models that can be used in building VR simulations and AR campaigns or even for video renderings and animations use case.

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Augmented Reality

A revolutionary technology that helps enterprises to leverage marketing and sales activities. The technology helps super-impose 3D materials or content on target markers to enable users to perceive more immersive information.

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Virtual Reality

A fast evolving technology that is enabled with computer-generated simulation of real-life video stitched surroundings or a completely different and artificially built world in 3D for engagement and interaction.

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Create scripts where machines are able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “smart”. Machine Learning is a current application of AI, based around the idea that we should really just be able to give machines access to data and let them learn for themselves for next best predictive outcome scenario.

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The first and only, Cloud SaaS-CMS integrated AR-Commerce App for augmenting images such as Logo or any trackable printed material called markers, that can be enabled to feature unique content through FYIAR App scan. We are helping and empowering brands to leverage AR on their branding activities.

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Digital Twin

Digital Twin or Tour is an unparalleled multimedia feature linked to website. A virtual map tour (interactive masterplan) guides customers with highly interactive and engaging 3D modelled framework. It lets user know more about website or premises tour by clicking on interactive- hotspot and action keys.

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Immersive learning experiences


Hands on learning experiences


Innovative enterprise solutions


Virtual playing environments


Engaging high quality games

Public Safety

Improving Law Enforcement methods


Digital directions with strategic framework

Real Estate

Seamless Virtual property tours

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We are building an Experience Economy


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An AR-Commerce App offering immersive visuals

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